Homeschooling Support  K - 12

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Get the help you need to be an amazing teacher for your child

Homeschooling your child is one of the most important jobs you can take on. And we get it—it's a big one!

We're here to give you all the support you need to be the best teacher you can for your child. Think of us as your "homeschool coach!"

We give you tons of strategies for teaching and help you make great curriculum choices to make learning fun for your child.

We can also act as an "adjunct classroom" for your family, taking over some of the teaching for you with private or small-group classes in any subject.

And of course, we're always here to answer your questions whenever you need extra support.



       1 FULL SCHOOL DAY - Small-Group Academic Classes - Includes: Lunch break & Social Time

We have created a schedule that offers families to ONLY  come to us ONCE a WEEK and receive supplemental work for

BOTH MATH & LANGUAGE ARTS for your child.

  We are a vendor for Visions, Valley View, Vista Oaks & Connecting Waters.


                              CREATE YOUR OWN CLASS                                                PRIVATE ACADEMIC SESSIONS K - 12

                              Put together a small group                                                       All academic subjects plus Spanish, ACT & SAT sessions                                                           You choose subject                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Contact us to set-up                                                        

Learn More About Our Classes

Thank you for your interest in our Fall programs.  

We SEE the WHOLE child and cater to the unique learning style of each child that walks through our door.

Lainie’s Learning Lane,  uses a hands-on, multisensory learning environment, with cross curriculum instruction based on developmental needs.  

This approach fits the academic and emotional NEEDS which so many children NEED in order to learn successfully. 

We feel it is extremely important to make sure your child is placed in the most effective program to fit their learning and academic needs. 
In order to do this, we will provide a free informal assessment.

Please click here to schedule a FREE Meet & Greet with Miss Lainie or CONTACT US for any questions

 Classroom Structure:  ALL CURRICULUM PROVIDED

  • ONLY 2 - 5 students in class
  • Students will learn at a pace that works best for them  
  • Interactive hands on classroom 
  • Confidence building environment 
  • Develop creative, critical thinking and conversation skills 
  • Accountability and responsibility skills  


  • Follows state standards 
  • Common Core taught through manipulatives
  • Hand made worksheets THAT STUDENTS LIKE
  • Meeting  individual goals - (fill the gaps)
  • Hands on multisensory lessons
  • Exploring math in the world 

 Language Arts

  • Follows state standards
  • Grammar: parts of speech, sentence construction 
  • Reading: phonics, decoding skills
  • Vocabulary: picture and written strategies used for retention
  • Literature: watching, hearing, reading and understanding literature 
  • Writing: cross-curriculum projects, group and solo presentations 
  • Comprehension: multi-sensory strategies that WORK for retention of literature


  • Education assessment to determine your child's learning style included
  • Rates include all curriculum material
  • Homework included with parent instruction 
  • IEP support
  • Charter funds accepted (vendor for Valley View, Visions and Connecting Waters) 
  • 2018-19 priceing TBA


  • Visions families provide a weekly voucher for each class.
  • Valley View families, pay upfront and get reimbursed

675 Ygnacio Valley Rd B 201 - Walnut Creek, CA


We make it easy to get started

When you need help with homeschooling your child, it can feel overwhelming.

Where do you start to look?  Who can you trust?

That's why we offer a free, 45-minute meeting with our founder, Miss Lainie.

She'll meet with you and your child to hear your story, talk about options and then work with you to come up with a plan to support your family and make your child's education the best it can be.

We are a vendor for Visions, Valley View, Vista Oaks & Connecting Waters.


Meet Miss Lainie - Update - We provide SUPPLEMENTAL WORK -

Miss Lainie, MA Ed      
Founder • Educational Therapist • Credentialed Teacher   


Our rates include support that goes way beyond the one-on-one coaching for your child:

  • unlimited phone or in-person support for parents
  • communication with other professionals in your child's life

PRIVATE SESSIONS                   

Miss Lainie    $90/hour              

Teachers     $70/ hour

We are a vendor for:

  • Visions
  • Valley View
  • Connecting Waters
  • Vista Oaks                                                                                           

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Help is on the way!

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