"Lainie and her talented staff have literally changed the course of our son's life."

                                                     —Mary T., mother of 7th grader

"I really appreciate the instructor's insights and positive suggestions for changes we had implemented at home. My son just completed his best academic year ever thanks to Miss Lainie and her teachers."

                                                   — Carol, mother of 3rd grader

“This training has made a HUGE difference in our family dynamic. It has allowed me to use humor when I see I'm being too 'left brained' because it's how I am wired. My family understands what I value and are more willing to help. This is much better than waiting until I'm angry because my 'right brain' family doesn't see or feel our home like I do.”

                                                  —Betsy mother of teenagers

"...very helpful in figuring out why I can’t learn in certain ways.” 

                                                   – 17 year old boy

"Understanding the tie between my learning style and my children will help me work with them with more understanding.”

                                                   —Margaret, mother of 3

"Since the day we met to discuss what was going on with our son, the worry and stress have been gone."

                                                  —Margaret M., mother of an 8th grader

"Lainie's Learning Lane truly made a world of difference for my son. I would highly recommend Miss Lainie and her staff to help improve and encourage your children's learning style." 

                                                               —P. Phillips, mother of 5th grader

"At the beginning of the year I was struggling in English and had a hard time writing, when I went to Miss Zoe she helped me learn how to organize my thoughts and I have gotten As on my essays ever since. She is a wonderful teacher, great at explaining things clearly and is super helpful and sweet."        

                                                 —Megan, 8th grader

“[It is so great to] understand how my learning style affects my children. Now I can work with my kids and learning will be easier.”

                                                —Christy, mother of 3

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