Miss Lainie

Miss Lainie is our fearless leader and the creator of our multi-sensory learning program. She is an educational therapist and holds a master's degree in education. With more than 25 years of classroom teaching experience across a spectrum of ages, from kindergarten through 12th grade, she is truly dedicated to changing children's lives. Read her full story here.


Miss Zoe

I have always been a hands-on learner, benefiting from activities, colors, and movement to help me learn new material. My goal as an educator is to encourage lifelong learners, and a key component of meeting that goal is to provide an academically challenging learning environment where students feel safe to express their perspective and are valued for that perspective. As a teacher, my personal goal is helping students challenge themselves to see their own possibilities for success, teaching them in ways that they can grasp and understand all subjects presented to them. I attended University of Colorado, Boulder where I received my BA in English Literature and a Secondary English Language Arts Credential from CU Boulder's School of Education. 

 Miss Jana:

I am so excited to be introducing myself to this community! I wanted to be a teacher starting in 4th grade when an educator made me feel like I was her most favorite student. I realised that all her students felt that way and I grew up wanting to do that too...so I did! I received my Multiple Subject Credential in 2000, along with my Masters in Education. I began teaching right away in the Solana Beach School District K-3. When we moved to Northern CA, I began teaching in the MDUSD at Monte Gardens Elementary in 2nd grade, I just love the primary grades! Since 2004, I have been raising our three children, tutoring, volunteering in the classroom, and now homeschooling. With my 8th grader headed back to the classroom, my 6th grader homeschooling, becoming more independent, and my profound dyslexic 3rd grader headed to a private school for young dyslexics, it all came together for me to join with Miss Lainie here at Lainie’s Learning Lane and head up the Homeschool side of her business. My goal is to continue to bring joy to young students while they are actively engaged in their school time and learning. Let’s do it!! 


Miss Jackie

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid, so each summer I would get a job at a camp or teaching swim lessons to gain more experience working with children. When it came time for me to go to college, I chose Westmont in Santa Barbara, California, and graduated with a multiple subject teaching credential. After college, my first job was teaching 7th grade English and history. I quickly realized that this was not the teaching job I had dreamed of. I had 75 students passing through the doors of my classroom daily; it was so impersonal and wasn't focused on building up the whole child. I wanted to work with administrators who care as much as I do about kids. Lainie's is the place for me.


Mr. Christian

Hi! I’m Mr. Christian, a Canadian born in Toronto and raised in both China and the US. In 2015 I graduated from Skidmore college (an east coast liberal arts school) with a BS with honors degree in Economics and a fistful of science credits. The following year I studied theology at Regent College in my home country of Canada. I love learning, teaching, and equipping children to embrace their fullest potential. I'm also moderately athletic!


Miss Ayanna

My name is Ayanna Green, and I recently graduated from Howard University with a BA in Spanish and a minor in psychology. I have had a passion for Spanish since my very first Spanish class when I was six years old. Since then, my love for not only the language, but the various cultures within the Latin American community has led me on an adventurous journey. I have had the incredible opportunity to visit countries like Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, and the Dominican Republic. My six weeks spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina during a summer Spanish & Counseling program in 2015 not only exposed me to new accents, words, sounds, and people groups, but also the beauty of travel. Each Spanish course I’ve enrolled in, each teacher I’ve encountered, and every Spanish-speaking country I have traveled to have shaped me into the Spanish- and adventure-loving teacher I am today. I hope to bring this passion into the lives of the students I tutor and instead of seeing grammar and vocabulary as a road block, I hope they view it as an opportunity to learn and have fun while doing so. 


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