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We know it's no fun for you or your child when they're frustrated with school.

Slamming doors. Tearful fights.
A bad grade...again. 

You are definitely not alone.
And there's more good news:

Once you recognize your child needs help, you need an academic coach that truly "gets" your child and can teach to their learning style and strengths; a coach that speaks your child's language. 

That's why we're here.

We provide proven strategies and steps you can implement right away to change your child's relationship with school.

Our Methodology

Mother of a 13- and a 15-year-old talks about how Lainie helped her learn the importance of understanding how her children are wired.

Is your child an observer?

Does your child love to draw?

Or does your child learn by doing?

Research shows that if your child is taught according to their learning style, or "wiring," they will crush it in school!

You probably know the brain has two sides.

But, do you know that understanding the way your child's brain is wired and then teaching according to that wiring can make all the difference?


We work with your child to identify how they learn and provide proven strategies and solutions your child can start using right away. When working with our academic coaches, your child will immediately feel less frustrated and, in fact, feel better knowing they're understood, supported, and on the path to success.

Though every child can benefit from working with a coach at Lainie's, our approach has been extremely effective in students with:

•Auditory processing challenges
•Anxiety Disorder
•Social skills challenges
•Specific learning disability Reading/Math/Writing
•Executive Functioning Challenges

 If you think your child might have a learning challenge, schedule a free meet-and-greet with Miss Lainie. She'll provide clear insights into the best way for you to support your child.

Lainie's Learning Lane has found that using a multi-sensory approach
is the most effective method for all types of learners

Your child will:
Use their eyes, hands, and whole bodies to learn. 

•Learn concepts through using stories, tangible objects, manipulatives, pictures, games, songs, activities, customized templates, conversations, and things your child can easily associate with their own life .

Miss Lainie  has been working with children for 30 years, and her strategies have been proven to work for thousands of children of all ages. She understands what it's like to struggle in school and to feel like you're not heard or understood. That's why she has such a strong passion for working with families to help children succeed academically.

Miss Lainie will work with you to answer those questions you just can't to eliminate the tension associated with learning and allow your child to thrive at school.


Our goal is to get homework done and to make sure your child
truly UNDERSTANDS what they are learning.

Sound good?



Help is on the way!

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