Common Questions about Academic Coaching


What type of Academic Coaching programs does Lainie’s Learning Lane offer?


We provide individualized academic coaching for students between kindergarten and 12th grade in reading, math, science, and writing using a multi-sensory approach. We also offer homework help, study skills, SAT and ACT prep, and college essay coaching.

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What kind of training do your Academic Coaches have?



Will my child like coming to Lainie’s Learning Lane?


Does Lainie’s Learning Lane work with my child’s teacher or school?




What makes our Academic Coaching work?




My child has already had a school assessment. What makes Lainie’s assessment different?


How will I know that my child is really making progress?



My child doesn’t seem to like school anymore. How do I know if my child needs a tutor?



My child has lost all interest in doing well in school. Can Lainie’s Learning Lane Academic Coaches help get my child motivated?





Our Academic Coaches are the heart and soul of Lainie's. Each is trained with instructional techniques and has his or her own subject-matter expertise. Each coach also understands your local curriculum ensuring your child will be more successful in the classroom. Meet our team and discover what makes learning at Lainie’s so personal.



Definitely! Kids LOVE coming to their sessions and working with their coaches in a fun, pressure-free environment. Our coaches work relentlessly to ensure that the students they work with feel comfortable, heard, and understood. Lainie’s Learning Lane is a safe, accommodating, and accepting place for all students. 


Yes! Collaborating with your child’s teacher(s) plays a key role in their academic success. With your permission, our academic coaches communicate with your child’s classroom teacher and partner with him or her to ensure success. We also help our students learn the importance of self advocacy when communicating with their teachers for clarity and understanding.


At Lainie’s Learning Lane, we believe that children learn in a multitude of ways, rather than one particular style. We work tirelessly to teach to your children in a variety of ways to ensure they understand and build their educational foundation. We also make sure that we create relationships with our students so that they WANT to learn. The result is happy children who are eager to come to Lainie's to learn THEIR way! See our testimonials to learn more!


Lainie has over 30 years of educational experience, along with her master's degree and a certified educational therapist. She meets one on one with your child to understand how their brain works and what they are going through in school. This builds the foundation of your child’s relationship and trust with their Academic Coach. When students hear Lainie’s and their Coaches stories, they no longer feel alone. 


You will be able to see a difference very quickly in the progress your child is making in school.  We have proven techniques to help your child figure out their own personal learning style. Once they understand this, the results are amazing. 

The hard truth is that if your child is not happy and does not like school, they are not going to learn. But once we work with your child to determine their learning style and teach them the way they need to learn, they'll start feeling happier and more comfortable about learning right away. You will see an immediate change in their confidence level and you'll begin to see progress in their school work. 



Absolutely!  There is so much pressure and competition at school, it's no wonder so many children are getting overwhelmed and losing interest. We have learned that once we get a child to understand why they need to learn a subject and help them determine how they can best learn the material, it gives them the drive and motivation to learn. 

Can I come in and view the school and meet the teachers?



Yes, sign up for a Meet & Greet with Miss Lainie.  This will allow us to really understand your needs and help you determine the best academic path for your child. 

Questions about Pricing

How much does Academic Coaching cost?


Private Academic Coaching with Miss Lainie is $100/hour and $70/hour with our other trained, credentialed teachers. 

We do not currently offer payment plans or financing, but if you are interested in our program and are having difficulty finding a way to pay for it, please discuss with Miss Lainie.  We are passionate about making sure every child has an opportunity to learn the way they need to learn and we are here to help. 

Do you offer payment plans and financing?




We offer a free, 45-minute Meet & Greet to discuss your child’s individual needs.  We can assist you in determining your child’s individual learning style and needs and make recommendations for the best options available at Lainie’s Learning Lane or somewhere else if we feel that is best for your child. 

Do you have any special offers for families new to Lainie’s Learning Lane?



Questions about Scheduling

It depends upon the needs and challenges that your child is having.  A lot of students will come one - two times per week after school for private academic coaching sessions.  This is a very effective way to help them get the tools they need to succeed on their own.

How often does my child need to attend Lainie’s Learning Lane?




This also depends upon the individual needs of your child. We find that most children show amazing progress in a few months of academic coaching. 

How long does my child
need to attend?


Yes!  You can go online to our scheduling system and choose the teacher, date and times that work best for your schedule.  We offer sessions late into the evening to accommodate sports  schedules. 

Can I choose my own



If we have not met you, YES, it is very important that you schedule a Meet & Greet with Miss Lainie to help us determine the best teacher and coaching strategy to ensure your child’s success. If you are having a difficult time fitting this into your schedule please email and let us know and we can discuss options that meet your needs. 

Do I have to schedule a
Meet & Greet first?




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