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Imagine watching your child open a stack of college admission decision envelopes and each one contains a letter that says “Accepted.”

Your heart bursts with pride knowing that all their hard work has paid off. You start dreaming about your child’s future after college: traveling to exotic locations, having the means to pay for whatever they want, and making a big impact on the world.

You’ve been thinking about it since the day they were born: “Which college will my child go to?

A small liberal arts school?                            A large public school?                              An ivy league?”

And, you’ve been planning for college for years. You’ve likely looked up ways to pay for college, enrolled your child in after school programs, and chauffeured them to and from activities — all while knowing that these endless sacrifices will give them the best future possible.

As a college admissions and career expert, I help your child:

  • stand out from the crowd

  • increase their chances of getting into their dream school.

Meet Our College Essay Expert


After getting accepted into the nation’s most competitive universities like UCLA, Yale and Johns Hopkins, working with hundreds of students over the past 10 years, and spending time on the admissions team for University of California, Berkeley, I know exactly what it takes for your child to stand out from thousands of other students.
Using everything I’ve learned from reading hundreds of college applications, I take your child step by step through the application essay writing process, give tough feedback and keep them on track.

When your child submits college applications in the fall, you want to be sure their application stands out, highlights their strengths and grabs the attention of the admissions committee.

You and your child have such busy schedules. You want to see your child get a head start on the application process, know exactly what to write, and not get overwhelmed by the process.  

Simply put, you want to see your child succeed.

As a college admissions and career expert, I help your child stay organized with their applications, stand out from the crowd and increase their chances of getting into their dream school.


A step-by-step guide that is customized to YOUR CHILD'S needs.

Miss Mary Grace offers  live, remote sessions  for busy, high-potential students looking to get accepted into a competitive university. During this highly interactive workshops (see options below), your child will learn exactly what admissions teams look for in a college application essay when deciding who gets rejected and who gets accepted.


  • to identify a list of unique stories and select the best ones to write about.

  • to be accountable from brainstorming to first draft and will let you know what you can do to help.

  • I’ll give your child the tough love, detailed feedback their friends, teachers or parents won’t be able to give.

  • I’ll help your child with a structured approach that’s easy to follow and shows them exactly what they need to do to make their college application essays stand out from thousands of other applicants.


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