Academic Coaching


We make it easy for your child to learn


Mother shares her joy about her son learning to read with Miss Lainie. 


If your child is struggling in the classroom or with homework, what they need is an academic coach that teaches to their own particular learning style.

Our academic coaches understand what it's like to struggle in school and to feel misunderstood. We actually GET your kid. Here's how that feels to one of our students:

"At the beginning of the year, I was struggling in English and had a hard time writing. Miss Zoe helped me learn how to organize my thoughts, and I have gotten As on my essays ever since. She is a wonderful teacher, great at explaining things clearly, and is super helpful and sweet."

—Megan, 8th Grader

We can help your child excel in:

Math • English • History
Science • Spanish

We also provide support to help improve executive functioning skills.

Our academic coaching sessions are all one-on-one and take place at our office. We'll first identify how your child learns best and then work with them closely.

Your child will leave with proven strategies and solutions they can use right away to remember more while studying less.

The result?

Your child will feel understood, empowered and confident. 

We know that sounds impossible right now, but children love coming to Lainie's Learning Lane because we love teaching them. And best of all, they discover that they actually enjoy learning.

How great would that be for your family?



It's easy to get started at Lainie's

When you're looking for help for your child, we know how important it is to make sure it's a good fit, both academically and personality-wise.

That's why we offer a free, 45-minute meeting with our founder, Miss Lainie or please contact us with your questions.

She'll meet with you and your child to hear your story, talk about options and then work with you to come up with a plan to support your family and make your child's education the best it can be.



Our rates include support that goes way beyond the one-on-one coaching for your child:

  • Coaches trained using Miss Lainie's unique proven methodology

  • Customized strategies to fit the needs of your student

  • Videos provided of sessions for students to reference skills when at home

  • IEP support

  • Connecting with your student's teachers or other professionals as needed

  • Parent support/counseling

  • Unlimited phone or in-person support for parents

  • Attendance at parent teacher conferences

  • Videos for sucessful retention

Miss Lainie Academic Private Coaching                                     $100/hour

All Academic Coaches                                                                $70/hour                    

You and your coaches are amazing! I’m thankful my son has you! Next year, I may have to hire your to help with my anxiety when the sweet kid of mine is gone.
— Karen, mother of a De La Salle senior

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